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Welcome to the Homer Stallions Online Registration Page

Homer Stallions is excited to open registration for the 2023 season.  Since 1985, the Homer Stallions Program has grown by leaps and bounds, and it is one of the premiere football and cheerleading organizations in the Southwest Suburbs.  We strive to continuously evolve our programs to meet the needs of our athletes.  As always, our greatest promotional tool is our families.  Please help us get the word out to new families and help make this year’s registration a success.

Registration Details

Tackle Football 

  • Online registration open February 6, 2023

Flag Football and Cheerleading

  • Online registration opens February 6, 2023


  • Only 1 team at each level is likely (SLW, LW, JV, V).
  • No Alumni registration.
  • All payments must be made by April 1, 2023.
    • Roster numbers are due to River Valley (football) and ICA (cheer). 
    • Football: If registrants at certain levels reach an unmanageable number, teams may need to be capped.  We can only compete this year with either 4 teams (1 at each level) or 8 teams (2 at each level).

2023 Football & Cheer Base Fees:

Tackle Football Grades 1-7 - $350.00
Cheer (Grades 1st – 8th) - $350.00* 
Flag Cheer (Kindergarten) & Flag Football - FREE (refundable $200 family participation fee still mandatory at registration)

* Cheer: Additional fees will be added for competition, gym rental, and cheer wear requirements.

Participation Fee Policy - A family participation fee of $200.00 will be charged at the time of registration.  Fee is refundable if the family participation 6-hour requirement is met. There are no partial refunds. A refund check is mailed at the close of the season.

Equipment/Uniform Deposit Policy - A $150.00 (Football Equipment) and/or $170.00 (Cheer uniform) deposit fee will be required for each child registered in the program.  Checks should be made payable to Homer Stallions and post-dated December 1, 2023.  These checks will not be cashed; however, they will be held until equipment/uniform return.  When all equipment and uniforms have been successfully turned in, the check will be returned to the family or destroyed.  If equipment and/or uniforms are missing or damaged, the check will be cashed.  The deposit checks are due at the time of equipment handout (football) or uniform sizing (cheerleading).

Refund Policy – Refunds, minus the cost of any jerseys/shoes or any cheer-wear package, will be granted through the second full week of practice.  After the second full week of practice, there will be no refunds processed.

Required Fundraiser- All members are required to participate in separate fundraisers. Details: TBD.

If you are new to our system, you will have to fill out a profile for any new parents and new players.  Birth dates and 2023-24 schools grades are required.

If you already exist in our system, please log in to register family members.  If you forgot your password, you will have an opportunity to reset or retrieve your password.  Just input your email address and leave the password blank.  The system will email your password.  The system will notify you if we do not have your email address. 

You will need the following information when registering:

  • Child's date of birth
  • Child's 2023-24 school grade (What grade will they be in this upcoming Fall 2023 -- see below on how to enter school grade)
  • Child's Dr.'s name, phone number, address
  • Child's medication and allergies (if any)​
  • Insurance carrier

Each family (new or existing) will need to create their own account on the system.  You will be asked for your email address.  Please provide your email address, and we will automatically send you an email with a link to establish your password.  Once you’ve established a password, enter it onto the site.  You will then be directed to the registration site. 

After each registration, you may come back to register additional family members.  You may then pay after you have completed all registrations.

Contact Phone Numbers (Home, Cell, Work)
When entering your contact numbers, you will note a drop down field next to each field: Private, Roster, Public.  Based on the descriptions below, you can decide whom you’d like to share your contact information with:

1.    Private This selection makes the entry available only to Administrators and Coaches with rights to view Member Information.

2.    Roster This selection makes the entry available only to those members with access to team rosters.  
       This is the default selection for all personal information.

3.    Public - This entry is primarily for positions such as Coach, Manager or Board Members.
       This will make the entry available to all visitors to the website on pages such as "Contacts" and "Team Contacts."

Playing Ages & Weights
In order to determine what level a tackle football player can play, a player’s playing age is determined to be their age as of August 31, 2023.  A birth date and grade must be entered in order to register. Weight limits will be confirmed prior to the start of the season.

Entering School Grade
The grade level requested in the system is for the 2023-2024 school year. Please confirm the grade we have is correct for the 2023-2024 school year.  A school grade must be entered.  (2023-24 school year kindergarten should be entered as "0".)

Scroll down and click on the appropriate Begin Registration button.    After each registration you may come back to register additional family members.  You may then pay after you have completed all registrations.

2023 Participation Fee per Family REQUIRED

Each family will be required to provide a $200 refundable participation fee with registration. At the end of the season your participation fee will be refunded if you have successfully fulfilled your volunteer obligation of six (6) minimum hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Each family is required to sign up for the Participation Fee Program below.  You are required to do this only once per family. The system will not allow you to checkout unless you register in this program.  If you register another player at a later date, you do not have to register for the participation fee again. 

Base Cost: $200.00

Opened: 02/03/2023