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Welcome to the home of the HOMER STALLIONS youth football program. Started in 1985, the Stallions program has grown by leaps and bounds and is one of the premiere football organizations in the southwest suburbs. The Stallions offer football programs to 12 levels of age and weight with hundreds of boys in the program.

The STALLIONS is also home to one of the best CHEERLEADING organizations in the state - continually being recognized with high honors in competitions throughout the state. The STALLIONS have also been involved with the fastest game on two feet in starting a LACROSSE program in 2009. Lacrosse's popularity has been exploding in the Midwest over the past several years after being a primarily East Coast sport. Finally, the football program has also branched out to the ARENA FOOTBALL area and play in the winter.

Registration Deadline Fast Approaching-May 1st, 2014

Stallion Families,

The deadline for Homer Stallion Registration is May 1st, 2014. Registrations received after the deadline will incur a $25 late fee per participant. To register online, visit our website at www.homerstallions.com and go to our registration tab.

Cheerleading Uniform Fittings

Cheerleading uniform fittings will be held on Monday, May 5th from 4pm-7pm at the Cross of Glory Church (Cedar Rd. and 163rd st). Wear a tank top and shorts to help with trying the uniform on. 2nd grade and up should bring a pair of socks to try on cheer shoes. Wind suits are mandatory for 4th grade and up this season. However, beginning 2015 2nd grade and up will also be required to have them as well. Wind suits can be ordered at the fitting on May 5th if you do not already own one or have access to an old one for the entire 2014 season. Get some early participation hours in!!!!!! Volunteers are needed for cheer fitting, please contact Tracy Soderberg at TSoderberg@comcast.net if you would like to help.


Homer Stallions-H.A.C.-Homer Soccer Join Forces in Support of Woodbine Golf Course Recreational Development

Homer Glen Sports Group to form "Friends of Homer Youth Sports"

The Homer Sports Group, made up of Homer Athletic Club (HAC), Homer Stallions Football/Cheerleading/Lacrosse, and the Homer Soccer Club has formed the "Friends of Homer Youth Sports". The group was formed by the three sports clubs to insure that all youth sports have enough space to practice and play competitive sports. When combining the three youth groups there are over 2,500 families and over 3,800 children in the sports programs.

For over 50 years the sports clubs have relied on Homer Township to provide the parks to play their sports. This has and still is a wonderful relationship for all the sports groups. With the growth of the area, some of our clubs have had to play and practice in multiple locations and in areas that can cause a safety issue for the children.

Our Football Club has to practice in a farm field that is off Parker Road and needs a police officer to direct traffic. The Lacrosse Club plays and practices their games in front of Marion Village off 159th in Homer Glen, Ludwig School in Lockport and we are now attempting to use the Parker Road Farmers Field. The Baseball and Softball Teams practice in several locations throughout the area, Goodings Grove school, Butler School, Homer Jr High School and Culver Park, just to name a few. Our Soccer Club has to practice and has had to use the Hassert field and Reed School in Lockport. All the groups are in need of space for practicing as well as adequate parking which is always a concern.

In December of 2013 the Village of Homer Glen purchased the struggling Woodbine Golf Course with plans to convert some of the golf course into a park. The Woodbine Golf course is over 100 acres and can be used as an active as well as a passive recreational area. The intentions were to have Woodbine remain open until December 2014 in order to honor all wedding and event contracts already in place. After December 2014, the Woodbine property would be converted to recreational amenities for our entire community. The additional space would make this area on 151st Street the Town Center of Homer with the library, sports fields, Township offices, and the New Village Hall. This would truly be a town center.

When it came down to the votes to purchase Woodbine this past December, the Mayor of the Village of Homer Glen was told by the Trustees that they were in favor of making the Woodbine property a park. However, at the last board meeting held on March 25th, Board Trustee Yukich voiced an opinion to keep the Woodbine Golf Course open longer than the December 2014 date that was originally agreed to which will delay all planning.

We need the support of all the families of the sports groups to attend a special Village Board Meeting on April 22nd at 6:30 pm at the Village Hall at 14933 S Founders Crossing, Homer Glen. Voice your opinion in favor of the Sports fields and Senior activities. The Village of Homer Glen has spent 3.2 million dollars in tax dollars to purchase Woodbine Golf Course with the intention of building much-needed parks for everyone in the Homer area. Let the Trustees know what we would like to see at the New Woodbine property. Don't let one village trustee put the brakes on a wonderful park for our community.

There are plenty of places to play golf in the area: Old Oak, Cog Hill, Ruffled Feathers, Silver Lakes, Mid Iron, Glen Eagles to name just a few. Allow children to play their games in a safe location. Woodbine was purchased with the needs of all Homer residents in mind. Don't allow one trustee to de-rail that plan.

Thank you,

"Friends of Homer Youth Sports"

Homer Athletic Club-Homer Stallions-Homer Soccer Club

Please plan on attending this very important meeting of the Village of Homer Glen. Tuesday April 22nd, 6:30pm at the Village Hall next to Mullets Sports Bar. 14933 S. Founders Crossing, Homer Glen, Il.


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